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A new phase of real estate, highlighting both golf course and off-golf course lots, will be brought to market in 2012. A portion of the new offering, the lots between the 9th and 18th tees, has always been regarded as the section that "most represented the dreams" of The Virginian ownership.

That section will be named Grandview, and never has there been a name that more befits its character. The views, which look down both the 9th and 18th fairways with the elegant Virginian clubhouse in the background, are incredibly grandiose. Their numbers are few (30), and not unlike the living environment elsewhere inside The Virginian gates, Grandview is unhurried and unparalleled. As one national publication described it, "Grandview is the pinnacle achievement of a distinguished community."

A few additional lots along Washington Way, just past the 6th tee, will also open for sale. We believe these are some of the best "off golf course" lots currently being offered at The Virginian.